Off the Beaten Path

July 4, 2016 at 2:24 am (4 Heads, Off the Beaten Path) (, , )

Off the Beaten Path – 2004 – United States

A video crew visits the (fictional) town of Gateway, Minnesota to shoot a documentary about a haunted cabin. The cabin is isolated in some spooky woods and was once the site of Satanic ritual murders. The documentary crew finds altars, messages scrawled in blood, and Satanic paraphernalia. One by one, they are possessed by an evil force that transforms them into corpse-like monsters.

Off the Beaten Path is partially composed of fake documentary-style video footage. This technique (and the movie’s premise) imitates The Blair Witch Project (1999). Off the Beaten Path is a competent amateur effort with surprisingly convincing writing and acting. I dig those authentic Minnesota accents. The movie has a few creepy moments too. However, Off the Beaten Path sticks a little too closely to its inspiration, The Blair Witch Project. The characters also demonstrate an aggravating lack of logic, blundering into certain doom when they should really know better.

Rating: 4/10 Shrunken Heads. Off the Beaten Path is an unremarkable title. Please try a little harder!


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