The Summer of the Massacre

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The Summer of the Massacre – 2004 – England

“Based on real factual occurrences involving a malevolent monster called Hammer Head, whose form of life was cannibalism?” So says the grammatically confused prologue for The Summer of the Massacre. The prologue also describes four “very young teenagers” who are actually college students, one of whom is pregnant. The four drive through the countryside until their “shaggin’ wagon” breaks down. A psycho in a shirt and tie and a Halloween mask stalks them and kills them with a hammer (the small kind—not a sledgehammer). He ties someone to a tree with cellophane. He may or may not be a cannibal.

The Summer of the Massacre is very tedious. It borrows its premise and themes from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974), but has even less plot and characterization. The movie’s first half is composed of long unedited scenes of the students driving, joking, and arguing. The dialogue seems improvised, the sound quality is bad, and their English accents are occasionally indecipherable. In the movie’s second half, Hammer Head chases the students through the woods. There is endless screaming and grunting, and people trip and fall a lot. The students occasionally fight back. Although Hammer Head is a wuss, he refuses to die even after an ear of corn is shoved through his eye.

Rating: 1/10 Shrunken Heads. No tripods were used in the making of this movie.

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