Green River

June 5, 2016 at 3:54 pm (4 Heads, Green River) (, )

Green River – 2007 – United States

Charisma and Allison are friends staying at a vacation cabin in (fictional) Green River, Montana. Charisma grew up in Green River but left after her sister mysteriously disappeared there. At a gas station, Allison hears the rumor of a cult that kidnaps young girls. Allison is mentally unstable and constantly pops pills “to calm down”. The rumor induces a paranoid episode and she begins to believe that Green River’s game warden is stalking her. She turns the tables, stealing the warden’s gun and holding him hostage. At this point, Charisma suspects that Allison is a maniac and leaves to get help. Meanwhile, Allison becomes increasingly sadistic, alternately torturing and trying to seduce the warden. The movie climaxes in a shootout, followed by a silly revelation that the warden is actually the kidnapper of Green River’s many missing girls.

Green River has a twisty unpredictable plot that focuses on Charisma and Allison’s fragile psychological states. Unfortunately, the writing and acting is not quite good enough, and the situations and characters are pretty unbelievable (and sometimes nonsensical). Plus, none of the characters are easy to like or empathize with.

At least Green River creates an effective atmosphere of dread. The forested Montana locations are beautiful and eerie, and the movie’s musical score is appropriately brooding. Green River’s slow pacing enhances its gloomy mood, while also making the movie kind of boring.

Rating: 4/10 Shrunken Heads. Charisma and Allison drive around in a cool red convertible.


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