The Witching

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The Witching – 1993 – United States

A teenager finds an ancient tome of witchcraft hidden in his basement. Reading an incantation, he opens a portal to Limbo in his refrigerator. An evil witch and her ghoulish cronies escape Limbo via the portal. Apparently, they want to destroy the world with a machine called the Pazuzu Configuration. The teenager thwarts them with the help of a good witch, a Vietnam vet, a pizza delivery woman, and a nerd.

The Witching combines horror and comedy. The wacky situations are constant. The teenager and a ghoul fight while wielding blowup dolls. One redneck ghoul is always picking his nose and oozing mucus everywhere. Someone is killed by being stabbed with a banana. The characters are all ridiculous clichés. There is an angsty teenage metalhead, a clownish nerd, a paranoid Nam vet, and a senile grandma. They try to exchange snappy dialogue, but the script’s one-liners are lame and the acting is awful. Only the evil witch shows some flair. She yells all her lines and casts spells using a snowglobe.

The Witching was produced by Todd Sheets and features some of his regular actors. It is very amateurish and seems to be shot on VHS. However, there is a (comparatively) impressive digital morphing effect when a dude turns into a humanoid frog.

The Witching’s credits thank Satan and Jesus “The Man”.

Rating: 3/10 Shrunken Heads. Part of the witch’s incantation is “klaatu barada nikto”.


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