Las Vegas Bloodbath

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Las Vegas Bloodbath – 1989 – United States

A wealthy businessman comes home to discover his wife sleeping with another man. He shoots the lovers and then drives away in his sports car to find other women to kill. “All women are alike. They just don’t deserve to live.” The killer picks up a prostitute, ties her up, menaces her with his wife’s severed head, and pulls her legs off with his car (which is hard to explain). Next he spies on the Beautiful Ladies of Oil Wrestling (B.L.O.W.) as they have a house party. The ladies drink beer, eat donuts, try on bikinis, play Truth or Dare, and watch their own (lame) oil wrestling match on television. One of the ladies (whom the other ladies do not seem to like) is a pregnant woman with really long fingernails. Eventually, the killer breaks in and kills everyone. The movie ends with him taking a bath in a tub full of body parts.

Las Vegas Bloodbath is sexist and tasteless crap with no redeeming qualities, but it is at least unpredictable. The movie is mostly composed of long and unnecessary scenes of people driving, walking, or carrying on pointless rambling conversations. These are interspersed with surprising scenes of violence and depravity. The killer ties women up and calls them foul names. He drills a woman’s head with a power drill. In a feat of superhuman strength, he tears a woman’s arm off and kisses her bloody stump. And in the most astonishing scene, he cuts open the pregnant woman’s stomach, pulls her baby out, and throws it against the wall. There is also gratuitous nudity of the pregnant woman. Perhaps the most disturbing part is that the killer is never caught nor killed.

For movie shot on video, Las Vegas Bloodbath’s special effects are actually pretty good (sort of), which makes the whole mess even more disturbing.

Rating: 1/10 Shrunken Heads. The Beautiful Ladies of Oil Wrestling are played by themselves.


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