The Island Monster

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The Island Monster – 1954 – Italy

On an island resort in southern Italy, gangsters smuggle drugs. Their leader is Don Gaetano (played by Boris Karloff), a kindly old man who runs a “home for sick babies” as a front for his drug operation. A police detective comes to the island. To infiltrate the smuggling gang, he kindles a romance with one of the female gangsters (a sultry nightclub singer). The detective’s cover causes friction with his wife. Things get even more personal when the gangsters kidnap his daughter. After the child is kidnapped, the nightclub singer has a change of heart and quits the gang. She and the detective (with the help of an impossibly smart dog) bust up the drug operation.

The Island Monster is only notable for Boris Karloff’s appearance. The misleading title suggests a creature feature, but Island Monster is an Italian crime film. Boris Karloff is the only American actor. The dubbing is pretty lousy, especially the hysterical little girl who screeches and blubbers during her numerous and lengthy scenes. Boris Karloff did not dub his own lines, although his voice actor does an amusing imitation of him.

Island Monster’s plot is interesting. The numerous characters have a network of allegiances and motivations, but the film is unexciting. The dialogue filled scenes are repetitive and the plot lacks surprises. There is also very little sex, violence, and depravity. This is surprising in a film about drug smuggling gangsters and a sexy nightclub singer.

Rating: 3/10 Shrunken Heads. The best part about Island Monster is the tango floorshow at the nightclub.


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