Switchblade Sisters

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Switchblade Sisters – 1975 – United States

Switchblade Sisters is set in a grim and ridiculous version of reality. In the poverty-stricken inner city, crime is rampant and family values are nonexistent. Desperate, lonely, alcoholic parents neglect their children. Gangs of high school students run amok, unchecked by powerless teachers and cops. The teens commit robbery, sell drugs, and have shootouts. One gang is the Dagger Debs, later called the Jezebels after they kick out all the men in their gang and join forces with a group of female African American revolutionaries. A love triangle becomes a power struggle and the gang’s two deranged leaders face off for control.

Switchblade Sisters is simultaneously bleak and silly. For example: A mother spends her grocery money on a television. The lesbian warden of a juvenile prison molests her prisoners and gives them swirleys. Innocents are gunned down during a shootout on skates at a roller rink. The characters have names like Bunny, Patch (who wears an eyepatch), and Donut (who is supposedly fat but really is not). The whole film is pretty absurd but still disturbing. One subplot involves a pregnant girl being shunned by her boyfriend. The baby dies when the girl gets punched in the stomach. Emotionally traumatized, the girl becomes a violent psycho.

Switchblade Sisters is constantly shocking. The film’s foul language, violence, and depravity escalate continually. By the end, the gang of high school girls wields assault rifles in a battle against a gang of Neo-Nazi drug dealers. However, I think the most disturbing scene is when the girls force Donut (the slightly overweight girl) to oink like a pig.

Rating: 8/10 Shrunken Heads. Switchblade Sisters has a cool title sequence. Funky R&B music plays over a photo montage of desolate urban scenes. The text is bright purple.

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