Cybernetics Guardian

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Cybernetics Guardian – 1989 – Japan

In the futuristic metropolis of Cyber-Wood, scientists develop psychic-powered robotic suits to police the slums. In the worst slum (known as Cancer) is an evil cult led by a three-eyed masked mutant. The cultists kidnap one of Cyber-Wood’s scientists and transform him into a biomechanical monster that resembles a medieval knight wearing a kabuki wig. To destroy the monster, another scientist undergoes surgery to become an arachnid-like cyborg. The two freakish monstrosities have a showdown.

Cybernetics Guardian was directed by Koichi Ohata, who also directed Genocyber (1994) and M.D. Geist 2: Death Force (1996). These three anime films share a similar theme. In them, characters trade their humanity for power through disfiguring cybernetic implants. This invasive cybernetic technology ultimately turns the people in monsters. Cybernetics Guardian combines this theme with a horror motif in the form of a malevolent cult and their arcane rituals.

The plot of Cybernetics Guardian is rudimentary, but the animation is good and there is adequate horror and violence.

Rating: 5/10 Shrunken Heads. Cybernetics Guardian’s soundtrack features grating rock songs by band appropriately named Trash Gang.


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