Dead is Dead

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Dead is Dead – 1992 – United States

While wandering the site of burned down hospital, a junkie gets his arm torn off by a zombie-like monster. A nurse, also wandering the area, gives the junkie an experimental drug called Doxitol. The drug regrows his arm and makes him unkillable. The junkie sells the Doxitol to a drug dealer but gets ripped off. The junkie then sets out to recover the Doxitol and get revenge.

Dead is Dead was shot on VHS and has a very homemade look. The writing, acting, shooting, editing, and music are all pretty lousy. This is unsurprising since the same person writes, directs, and stars. The junkie main character has a terrible haircut and wears his sweatpants tucked into his socks. He guns down the drug dealers and tries to sound tough despite his absurd lines. For instance: “Santa Claus is coming to town and he’s going to kick your fucking ass.” Or even: “You look and sound like a penis with dry heave.” Huh? In the movie’s finale, he goes into a confession booth, confesses his murders, and shoots himself in the head.

Dead is Dead suggests a narrative about drug addiction, but its message is pretty confused. Drug dealers apparently murdered the junkie’s brother, and the junkie himself burned down the hospital where the Doxitol was found. Neither of these points is adequately explained. Also, bad Doxitol turns people into monsters. One monster briefly appears but has no bearing on most of the plot.

A theater marquee is seen advertising a film called Ghost Slut. Unfortunately, the film does not appear to be real.

Rating: 3/10 Shrunken Heads. Dead is Dead is also the title of an anti-drug PSA from 1970.

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