The Demon Rat (La rata maldita)

February 21, 2016 at 6:55 pm (3 Heads, Demon Rat) (, , , , )

The Demon Rat – 1992 – Mexico

In the near future, Earth is spoiled by rampant pollution. Everyone wears respirators and sunglasses to protect against smog and ultraviolet radiation. Manatees, penguins, and otters are extinct. A school teacher is undergoing a nasty divorce from her industrialist husband. Meanwhile, her husband’s company dumps plutonium in a river. The plutonium spawns a killer mutant rat (more like a furry dwarf, actually). The rat invades the teacher’s house, eats her poodle, and tries to kill her. The teacher and her ecologist boyfriend team up and shoot the rat with a gun.

The Demon Rat’s plot has two conflicts. One is about the rampaging mutant rat. The other is about the teacher and her industrialist husband, which is marginally more interesting. While sorting out her divorce, the teacher dates a heroic ecologist. He kills the rat and exposes the industrialist’s illegal dumping, all while wearing the most ridiculous clothes (i.e. a rainbow shirt or leather pants). The industrialist is maniacally evil. With no provocation, he beats his wife, tries to rape her, and then chases her with a gun. He also looks like Steven Seagal.

The Demon Rat does not sound so bad, but it is agonizingly repetitive. The film’s second half is confined to a few rooms in a single house. The teacher, her husband, her boyfriend, and the rat chase each other and brawl. It is exhaustingly long and makes little sense. Why does the industrialist suddenly decide to rape and kill his wife? How does the man-sized rat move through the house without being seen? Why do the teacher and her boyfriend barricade themselves in a room and have sex while the rat still stalks them? Why can no one hit anything with a gun?

Rating: 3/10 Shrunken Heads. The school classroom has computers at every desk. When this film was made, this was pretty predictive.


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