Demon Summer

January 31, 2016 at 9:45 pm (6 Heads, Demon Summer) (, , )

Demon Summer – 2003 – United States

It is summer in Louisville, Ohio (a real town). Bored teenagers drive around, flirt, fight, drink, and ruminate about their uncertain futures. Some hoodlums rob a homeless man and steal a book of demonic rituals. After reading from the book, one hood is possessed. With claws, pupiless eyes, and a putty-like face, he stalks around a wooded park and murders people.

Demon Summer was made by college students for practically no money. The writer, director, cast, and crew are all teenagers, so the movie is a fairly authentic portrait of small town teenage life. The acting is awkward and the foul-mouthed dialogue is outrageous, but the characters have personality. The movie’s horrific elements (demonic possession, gory murders, etc.) are the least interesting part.

Demon Summer has a lot of comedy stemming from its caricatured characters. As a result, its few tragic moments have unexpected impact. One unfortunate girl wants a romance with her best friend, but he never notices. She is decapitated before she can express her feelings. By the movie’s end, nearly everyone is killed. An epilogue-like sequence depicts the surviving characters as depressed and traumatized.

Rating: 6/10 Shrunken Heads. A scene was shot at the Frostop Drive-In in Salem, Ohio. Some day, I’ll make a pilgrimage there.

5/31/16 Update:

I visited the Frostop Drive-In in Salem, Ohio! It is out of business and pretty decrepit. It looks ready to be featured in another horror movie.



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