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Genocyber – 1994 – Japan

In futuristic Hong Kong, scientists research “vajra” energy, which is generated from “mind shadows”. None of this makes sense, but people develop destructive psychic powers as a result. Harnessing vajra energy, ambitious corporate tycoons create psychic cyborgs and sell them to the military. One such cyborg is a young girl named Elaine (a.k.a. Genocyber). After transforming into a monster, she destroys her creators and eventually the world.

Genocyber is a five episode anime OAV series. Its plot spans hundreds of years as Elaine evolves from a child to a god-like being. In the process, the dystopian setting changes from a sleek cyberpunk megacity to a baroque post-apocalyptic megacity. The story’s scope is impressive, but Genocyber is mostly concerned with depicting extreme violence and destruction. People mutate into slimy biomechanical monsters. Cities are leveled. A man is dissected alive. Another man tears out his own brain. Children are shot to pieces. Furthermore, there is frontal nudity of a young boy as he is sexually molested. Thankfully, the scene is intended to be disturbing and not erotic. Nothing about Genocyber is tasteful, but at least the foul-mouthed dubbed dialogue is amusing.

Genocyber’s most prominent theme involves the hubris of ambition. Throughout the series, scientists and military leaders callously disregard human life in their pursuit of power. The resulting dystopian future is bleak to the point of absurdity.

Genocyber’s animation is attractive and its imagery is imaginative, especially its organic-looking machines. The gory depictions of spilling entrails are also lavishly detailed. Anime in this genre often demonstrates style over substance, and Genocyber is no exception.

Rating: 6/10 Shrunken Heads. Vajra is a Sanskrit word related to Buddhist enlightenment.

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