Teenagers from Outer Space

December 13, 2015 at 2:29 am (6 Heads, Teenagers from Outer Space) (, , , , , )

Teenagers from Outer Space – 1959 – United States

In Bronson Canyon, a flying saucer emits human-like aliens in jump suits. They come from an advanced and oppressive society where “babies are bred and raised like livestock” and “the ill are put to death, as are the old”. They intend to turn Earth into a pasture for their horde of Gargons—colossal lobsters that can destroy all life. One alien, who reads forbidden humanistic literature, splits from the others to thwart their scheme. He befriends some unbelievably kindly people and finds true love. Meanwhile, the aliens hunt their rebellious comrade. They perpetuate a killing spree with a ray gun that turns people into skeletons.

Teenagers from Outer Space is cheap in a lovable way. The director Tom Graeff also produced, wrote, edited, scored, and acted in the film. The result is amateurish, but energetic and quirky. The plot moves fast, and the body count is high as the ray gun wreaks havoc on people and their pets. The bighearted heroes are a likable lot, and the villains are appropriately ruthless. And the effects have an endearing homemade quality. However, do not ask how the aliens speak English.

Rating: 6/10 Shrunken Heads. No one in this film is a teenager.


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