Assemble Insert

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Assemble Insert – 1985 – Japan

Demon Seed is an organization of masked criminals who commit robbery in robotic suits. While counting his riches, their leader Professor Demon proclaims, “When money is spent foolishly, it truly shines.” A group of geeky government agents known as the Anti-Demon Seed Team must stop Demon Seed’s crime spree. Their continual failure creates increasingly poor public relations, until one agent drunkenly suggests recruiting a cute girl as their mascot. They enlist Maron, a shy teenager with superhuman strength, and design an invulnerable yet sexy outfit for her. Under the management of the Anti-Demon Seed Team, Maron becomes a pop idol.

Assemble Insert parodies Japanese anime and sentai shows. Its writer, Masami Yuki, also created the Patlabor manga which spawned several animated films and series. Assemble Insert’s wacky humor is more amusing than hilarious. Demon Seed are a bunch of overdressed goons in eyeball masks. Professor Demon’s “hideout” is a conspicuous gothic manor with a portrait of Hitler on the wall. While trying to call the police and make threats, the professor repeatedly dials a restaurant on accident. The Anti-Demon Seed Team is equally buffoonish. Eventually, they abandon crime fighting entirely to form a talent agency dedicated to progressing Maron’s career. But Assemble Insert’s most memorable gag is a live action parody of energy drink ads.

Comedy anime is mostly dumb. Assemble Insert is no exception, but its rapid fire jokes are occasionally witty and its humor rarely degenerates into slapstick or sexual innuendo. Also, the cyclops-like mecha are cool. They wield spiked bats and deploy helicopter rotors to fly around. It is never explained how such advanced robotic technology came to exist in 1980s Japan.

Rating: 5/10 Shrunken Heads. In one scene, Demon Seed steals the treasures of Mu from a museum. I would like to see that exhibit.


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