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House – 1977 – Japan

A teenage girl named Gorgeous visits her aunt’s idyllic country house. Gorgeous brings her six schoolgirl friends Fantasy, Melody, Sweet, Mac, Prof, and Kung Fu. However, Gorgeous’ aunt is a witch and the house is haunted. With the help of her adorable cat familiar, the witch kills the girls in order to restore her youth.

House is indescribably weird. Its story is like a fairy tale, but teeming with zany humor and supernatural horror. The girls’ exaggerated cheerfulness is very theatrical, and their dialogue is campy and absurd. There is also quite a bit of slapstick. Yet minutes later, the girls are dismembered and waves of blood flood the house. Everyone dies in the end, but not before a climactic martial arts battle.

House has an equally outrageous visual style. The film’s experimental camerawork and editing are psychedelic, and its special effects are virtuosic. Animation and optical effects are constant, combined with radical color correction, disjointed editing, and incongruous sound effects. It is surreal and otherworldly. In one scene, a severed head flies, talks, and bites a girl on the butt. In another, a girl is gorily devoured by a piano as rainbow electricity shoots from her body.

However weird you imagine House to be, it is probably weirder. This is a film whose unique style encompasses every facet of its creation, from the writing, acting, design, direction, effects, shooting, editing, and on. The result is incomparable and incomprehensible.

Rating: 10/10 Shrunken Heads. The “fat” girl continually obsesses about food, and is not even remotely fat. It is pretty cruel and insensitive. I should rate House lower just for that.


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