Zombie Bloodbath

October 11, 2015 at 5:18 pm (3 Heads, Zombie Bloodbath) (, , , )

Zombie Bloodbath – 1993 – United States

A nuclear power plant is built atop a Native American burial ground. The plant melts down and everyone inside transforms into zombies. The United States government seals the zombies inside and covers up the embarrassing episode. Years later, the zombies break out and rampage around Kansas City, Missouri. Some teenagers, led by a cynical Vietnam vet, kill the zombies and blow up the plant with dynamite. Pretty much everyone dies. A teenager accidentally impales himself by running into a tree. As the zombies encroach, a mother shoots her sleeping children and then herself. And in the final scene, a man asks the clerk at a video store, “You got any zombie movies?” Then zombies come in and eat him as heavy metal music plays. The movie ends with 1956 newsreel footage of the world’s first nuclear power plant opening in England.

Zombie Bloodbath is a cheap artless movie. It was shot on video and is very amateurish. The acting is emotionless. The audio is unclear. The editing is disjointed. The action is repetitive. And the premise is derivative. The credits proudly proclaim that Zombie Bloodbath’s screenplay is “based on every zombie flick made”. In the behind-the-scenes documentary, director Todd Sheets (passionate horror and heavy metal fan) says that Zombie Bloodbath is meant to be fun and should not be critically analyzed. Sheets’ earnestness and enthusiasm are admirable, but there is little reason to watch Zombie Bloodbath instead of the multitude of zombie movies that inspired it—for instance, Zombi 2 (1979) directed by Lucio Fulci, whom Sheets cites as an influence.

At least Zombie Bloodbath seems like it was fun to make. Scenes of rampaging zombie hordes are impressive (apparently 735 extras were used), and the gory effects are excessive and revolting. There is no shortage of zombies sucking on slimy entrails. A person is ripped in half. A beating heart is torn out. And, in one scene, the zombies seem to pull a man’s intestines out his ass, but the shooting and editing makes this sort of ambiguous.

Rating: 3/10 Shrunken Heads. A street gang of tough ladies get killed early on. They should have stayed around longer.


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