The Weathering Continent

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The Weathering Continent – 1992 – Japan

A stoic warrior, an effeminate priest, and a clumsy teenage girl search for water in a desert wasteland. They stumble into a city-like tomb where thousands of mummified corpses are posed as if going about their daily business. Also in the tomb, a clan of macho bandits searches for treasure and awakens hostile ghosts. The travelers, bandits, and ghosts eventually have a showdown.

The Weathering Continent is based on a Japanese sword and sorcery novel series. While the film’s plot is simple, it lacks context that the novels might provide. Apparently, the setting is the decimated continent of Atlantis, but how was the continent destroyed and why? What sorts of people live in this ruined land? Why do the warrior, priest, and girl travel together? The lack of detail is disappointing because The Weathering Continent’s bleak world is compelling. I admire the fact that the heroes are on a quest merely to find drinking water.

The Weathering Continent features striking artwork, especially the images of the lifeless landscape and its baroque architecture. The soundtrack is alternately moody and rousing, and utilizes a variety of instrumentation. Unfortunately, the film’s attractive presentation cannot compensate for its lack of plot and characterization.

Rating: 4/10 Shrunken Heads. The dubbed dialogue frequently confuses the genders of two main characters. Admittedly, they are somewhat androgynous.


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