The Five Star Stories

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The Five Star Stories – 1989 – Japan

In a Medieval-like space-faring future, knights known as “headdliners” pilot bipedal robots called “mortar headds”. For unclear reasons, operating the mortar headds requires a “fatima”—a beautiful female android copilot. Headdliners and fatimas share a strong emotional bond, and are paired in a highly ritualized process. This relationship is the focal point of The Five Star Stories. On a desert planet, a mortar headd engineer reconnects with a fatima he helped raise. Against the wishes of some petty nobles, the fatima selects the engineer as her headdliner. The two flee the planet under threat of death.

Five Star Stories is an adaptation of comic series. The comic’s world seems intriguingly complex and expansive, but the film only depicts a tantalizing fragment of it. Interstellar war forms the backdrop of the setting, but the film’s plot focuses on the relationships between its characters.

Five Star Stories is attractively animated, with elegantly designed characters, scenery, costumes, and military hardware. The aristocratic characters wear impractically grandiose garments, which compliment their stoic and ceremonious personalities. The characters and their conflicts are melodramatic, but the film has such a pervasive melancholic atmosphere that they seem appropriate.

Rating: 6/10 Shrunken Heads. The Five Star Stories film is cool, but I really want to read the comic.

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