Princess Rouge

August 10, 2015 at 2:02 am (2 Heads, Princess Rouge) (, , , )

Princess Rouge – 1997 – Japan

A beautiful amnesiac princess of the Underworld appears magically on Earth. As she struggles to regain her memory, she shacks up with an orphaned teenager and romance blooms. Eventually, the princess’s two warrior sisters somehow find her. To protect her, they battle the Underworld’s army of monsters.

Princess Rouge (a.k.a. The Legend of the Last Labyrinth) is an unfinished two episode anime series. Will the legions of the Underworld kidnap the princess, or will she stay on Earth and discover true love? We will never know, which is probably okay.

Princess Rouge is incredibly generic, and heedlessly uses anime’s most tired clichés. It combines themes from the “magical girl” and “sword and sorcery” anime genres in a way that is reminiscent of Magic Knight Rayearth (1997). Princess Rouge’s character designs will also look suspiciously familiar to viewers of that series.

Princess Rouge’s animation is plain and occasionally cheap looking. However, the first episode features lovely and detailed watercolor backgrounds. These may be the best aspect of the whole series.

Rating: 2/10 Shrunken Heads. Princess Rouge’s theme song is also catchy.


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