Kite Liberator

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Kite Liberator – 2007 – Japan

While eating experimental “space curry”, an astronaut transforms into a hulking monster. When his shuttle crashes on Earth, the monster goes on a rampage. School girl assassin Monaka (known as the Angel of Death) is hired to kill him, but soon realizes that the mutant astronaut is actually her father.

Kite Liberator is a sequel to Kite (1999), but the two are barely related. Although Kite Liberator has less explicit sex and violence than its predecessor, it seems sleazier somehow. The teenage protagonist works at a seedy maid café (despite being underage to do so). Her demure innocence is fetishized, and the film’s numerous panty shots are grossly exploitative. There are also many absurdly gory gunfights.

Kite Liberator’s sexuality and violence is combined with wacky humor. Monaka’s boss is a bubbly transvestite with a heart-shaped eye patch. She is briefed about her mission by a man in a cat suit. And in the most amusing scene, an old man awakens to a catastrophic battle outside his house and then complains about the noise. The gags are occasionally funny, but the humor mixes uneasily with the film’s exploitative subject matter.

But Kite Liberator’s biggest flaw is that it does not try to tell a story. Its many subplots are never developed or resolved. Why is Monaka an assassin? Will her co-workers uncover her secret identity? Will she ever go on a date with the police detective? How will she reconcile the fact that her father is a killer mutant? To emphasize how pointless Kite Liberator’s plot is, the film ends abruptly in the middle of a climactic action scene. As the protagonist opens her mouth to speak (hopefully instilling some meaning into this mess), the credits roll. Maybe the abrupt ending is supposed to be subversive, but it seems like a lazy copout.

Rating: 1/10 Shrunken Heads. The animation looks nice.


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