Twilight of the Dark Master

July 5, 2015 at 5:31 pm (6 Heads, Twilight of the Dark Master) (, , , )

Twilight of the Dark Master – 1997 – Japan

Like many anime, Twilight of the Dark Master’s plot is convoluted and mostly irrelevant. Here is my best attempt to summarize it:

In a futuristic city, demons secretly prey upon mankind. The demon owner of a pharmaceutical corporation develops a drug that transforms people into monsters. His ultimate goal is to become a titanic monster himself, and he eventually succeeds. A wizard is on a mission to kill the demon, which he does by destroying the Earth. As the planet explodes into a fireball, the wizard rationalizes, “Give evil nothing to oppose, and it will disappear by itself.” In other words, the demon is invulnerable, but without any victims, he will cease to exist. I guess.

Twilight of the Dark Master is everything I expect from anime of its genre. It is weird and kinky, hyper-violent and hyper-sexual, and has an evocative title. The protagonists are: an effeminate wizard named Tsunami; a beautiful cyborg woman on a quest for vengeance. The antagonists are: a sadistic, incestuous, magic-using brother and sister; a Noh mask-wearing demon who morphs into a Godzilla-like turtle with a vagina in his chest. The plot centers around a brothel where people have intercourse with non-humanoid biomechanical constructs.

Twilight of the Dark Master has slick animation. Every scene occurs at night, and the artwork effectively uses a limited palette of shadowy purple and fluorescent yellow. Images of people transforming into monsters are horrific, and images of cataclysmic destruction are impressive. What else do you want from this sort of thing?

Rating: 6/10 Shrunken Heads. Twilight of the Dark Master reminds me of Wicked City (1987), X (1996), and at least a dozen other anime.


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