Hercules in New York

June 28, 2015 at 10:50 pm (4 Heads, Hercules in New York) (, , , )

Hercules in New York – 1969 – United States

“In the dim past, when myth and history merged into mystery”, Greek deities relax on the idyllic Mount Olympus. One day, against the wishes of Zeus, Hercules gets bored and visits New York City. He beats up sailors, dominates a college track and field team, goes on dates, wrestles a bear (or at least a man in a bear suit), and befriends a nerdy pretzel vendor named Pretzie.

If Hercules in New York was only about Hercules fighting and clowning around, it would be great. Instead, the boring plot focuses on Zeus’s machinations to return Hercules to Olympus. References to Greek mythology are plentiful, but watching the buffoonish Hercules make trouble is more interesting.

Arnold Schwarzenegger (credited as Arnold Strong) is always endearing, and Hercules in New York is no exception. His awkward dialogue was overdubbed in the original version of the film, but has since been restored. Hercules is haughty and clueless, but still charming. In one scene, someone tries to explain money, to which Hercules replies, “Bucks? Dough? What is this talk about male and female animals?” In another scene, Hercules is completely unimpressed with a poster for the (fictional) film Hercules Against the Monster.

Rating: 4/10 Shrunken Heads. Hercules eventually ditches Pretzie to return to Olympus, which is a pretty jerky thing to do.


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