Wicked City

June 13, 2015 at 10:22 pm (6 Heads, Wicked City) (, , , , , )

Wicked City – 1987 – Japan

Unknown to most people, Earth is connected to a dimension called the Black World, populated by monstrous demons. The peace treaty between Earth and the Black World is expiring. To prevent its renewal, demon terrorists plan to assassinate an important diplomat. Opposing them is the Black Guard, a secret police force with human and demon agents.

The premise of Wicked City is interesting, but the result is mostly just sex and violence. In the opening scene, the macho oversexed hero picks up a woman at a bar. They screw at her apartment, until she transforms into a demonic spider-lady with vagina dentata. In another scene, a lecherous gnome-like old man (apparently with a huge penis) screws a prostitute. She transforms into slime and engulfs him. In yet another scene, a woman is raped by a worm with a massive prehensile tongue. Throughout the film, people are gorily killed and women are molested by monsters. It is pretty tasteless.

Wicked City is at least stylish. The animation is smooth. The monsters are imaginatively gross. The city is rendered in a dark dream-like way. And the violence is shocking and absurd. Wicked City is stupid, but in the lovable way that ultramasculine anime from this era often is.

Rating: 6/10 Shrunken Heads. For some reason, demons cannot be killed by guns, although the hero’s enormous pistol blasts them to bits anyway. None of this is ever explained.


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