Human Beasts

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Human Beasts – 1980 – Spain/Japan

Human Beasts is a haphazard combination of stuff. While executing a diamond heist in Japan, a mercenary crosses some Japanese revolutionaries. The revolutionaries, one of which is the mercenary’s ex-lover, track the mercenary to Spain and ambush him. After being nearly shot to death, the mercenary is taken to a chalet and nursed by an overbearingly nice doctor/pig breeder and his two beautiful daughters. Of course, the family is actually a bunch of kinky weirdoes. The mercenary is molested in his sleep by one sister, develops a romance with the other, and is eventually eaten by them both. You see, the family once lived in Africa where they learned to love cannibalism. There is also a third sister who lives in the chalet’s walls, hates her family, and guns everyone down in the end.

Human Beasts stars Paul Naschy, and was written and directed by him under a pseudonym. It was shot in Japan and Spain. The film is disjointed, as if the script was scavenged from several discarded scripts. At least it delivers on kinky and violent thrills. In a grotesque scene, a couple making love is intercut with a man being devoured by pigs. In a superfluous scene, the doctor erotically whips his African servant. Plus, there are numerous knife murders and the mercenary screws nearly every woman in the film.

Rating: 6/10 Shrunken Heads. Human Beasts’ opening credits feature morbid and surreal paintings of people being killed by skeletons. Information about their artist or origin does not seem available.


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