The Lost Jungle

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The Lost Jungle – 1934 – United States

Clyde Beatty, a famous circus animal tamer, portrays himself. After Clyde cluelessly ignores his girlfriend, she joins an expedition to an uncharted island. Of course, she winds up shipwrecked, so Clyde flies to her rescue in a dirigible, which also crashes. The island is midway between Africa and India and is thus improbably populated by both lions and tigers. On the island, Clyde finds a lost city filled with treasure and captures some new animals for his act.

The Lost Jungle is a feature film edited from a serial of the same name. Serials were often cheaply produced and have a threadbare quality, but Lost Jungle seems lavish due to an abundance of impressive animal footage. Clyde subdues a ferocious lion. Bears walk comically upright. Hyenas attack gazelles. And a lion and a tiger have an intense battle. Equally interesting are scenes detailing circus life and business. Plus, Clyde is a cheerful and charmingly fallible hero.

Rating: 5/10 Shrunken Heads. In one scene, Clyde punches another animal trainer to reprimand him for beating up the animals. This strikes me as somewhat ironic.


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