Psychic Wars

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Psychic Wars – 1991 – Japan

Ukyo is a handsome macho surgeon with a mullet. After removing a demonic tumor from a mysterious patient, Ukyo has a visionary experience. Apparently, he is the legendary warrior destined to slay all of demonkind. He can suddenly emit a golden glow, execute incredible athletic feats, and materialize medieval weapons from the air. On his quest, Ukyo travels through a time portal to the Stone Age and destroys the demons’ royal city with an absurd amount of explosives. However, back in the present, Ukyo fights a heart wrenching battle when his beautiful, devoted, and demure girlfriend turns out to be the Queen of Demons.

Psychic Wars represents a genre of anime in which one superhuman man must battle hordes of monstrous creatures in gory combat. While there is nothing inherently wrong with that concept, Psychic Wars lacks the necessary enthusiasm to make it palatable. The premise is silly, but not quite absurd enough to be transcendent. The artwork is lackluster, especially the unimaginative demons which are barely horrific. And, needless to say, the writing is crap. Despite a straightforward and skeletal plot, Psychic Wars somehow manages to be confusing. Perhaps more than ten lines of dialogue might be required.

Rating: 3/10 Shrunken Heads. The song playing during the credits sounds eerily familiar. It may share some chord patterns with “After the Love has Gone” by Earth, Wind & Fire.

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