Beach Girls and the Monster

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Beach Girls and the Monster – 1965 – United States

After graduating college, Richard spends his days surfing and hanging with his girlfriend. Richard’s father, an oceanographer, wants Richard to quit loafing and start a career. Meanwhile, a humanoid fish (allegedly a mutant barracuda) stalks the beach, murdering surfers. In the unsurprising ending, the killer is revealed as Richard’s father. Dressed in a (rather crappy) monster suit, he slaughtered the beachgoers to keep Richard from surfing. Thanks dad!

The premise of Beach Girls and the Monster sounds silly, but the film’s tone is actually quite melodramatic. Much time is spent developing the complex relationships between Richard, Richard’s free spirited girlfriend, Richard’s domineering father, Richard’s conniving stepmother, and Richard’s roommate who is a crippled, sexually frustrated artist. In the downbeat ending, Richard’s father is immolated in a fiery car wreck. Will Richard be tortured by guilt for the rest of his life? Possibly.

However, the most memorable part of Beach Girls and Monster is a beach party scene loaded with wacky gags. Young people chant a song called “Monster in the Surf” as a ventriloquist harasses the ladies with a lion puppet. A guy with a bad wig wears a sign reading, “I use that greasy kid stuff” (maybe referring to his hair oil). And a girl opens a can of mixed nuts that fires out a toy snake. The film also features many asses shaking directly into the camera.

Rating: 5/10 Shrunken Heads. Thank Frank Sinatra Jr. for the soundtrack of surf rock and sultry jazz.


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