The Horror of Party Beach

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The Horror of Party Beach – 1964 – United States

Radioactive waste is dumped in the ocean and drifts into a shipwreck. Decaying corpses are resurrected as blood drinking humanoid fish. The unkillable monsters stalk a beach community, murdering sunbathers, tourists, drunks, and twenty sorority girls at a slumber party. Scientists eventually discover that the fish-men are actually “giant protozoa” and can be destroyed by sodium. There is a confrontation and all the fish-men are doused in sodium and explode.

According to its trailer, The Horror of Party Beach is “The First Horror Monster Musical”. The film transplants themes from Beach Party (1963) into a creature feature. Musical interludes such as the “Zombie Stomp” are performed by The Del-Aires while young people (who look way too old) execute corny dance steps. Amazingly, The Del-Aires are a real band, and not named after Horror of Party Beach’s director Del Tenney.

The fish-men in Horror of Party Beach are utterly unthreatening as they shamble pathetically about. There are some fairly gory images of bloody corpses, but the film is probably intentionally farcical. The stupid jokes are numerous. In one scene, a bikini-clad woman asks a leering man, “Do you like bathing beauties?” He responds, “I don’t know. I never bathed one.” In another scene, a wacky drunk tries to drive and has a comedic car wreck.

Horror of Party Beach is crappy. It is not thrilling, funny, or sexy. The music and humor is lousy. The effects are cheap and unimaginative. And only a few scenes actually occur at the beach. It hurts to suggest this, but Beach Girls and the Monster might be a better realization of the same concept, and it is pretty bad too.

Rating: 3/10 Shrunken Heads. At a sorority slumber party, the women sing a folksy ballad. “This is the fortune of all womankind / always controlled, always confined / controlled by their parents until they are wives / then slaves to their husbands the rest of their lives.” Then they all have a pillow fight. Is this really what goes on?


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