BMX Bandits

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BMX Bandits – 1983 – Australia

Three teenage BMX bikers find some walkie-talkies belonging to a gang of bank robbers. The walkie-talkies are programmed to intercept police transmissions, and are irreplaceable. The buffoonish robbers stalk the teens, and the film devolves into a 45 minute chase across beautiful Manly, New South Wales. The teens bike through a mall, a rugby match, several construction sites, and down a waterslide. In the climax, an army of BMX bikers unite and assault the robbers by hurling bags of flour. With the gang behind bars, the teens spend the reward money to build a bitching BMX track.

Despite being targeted at kids, BMX Bandits still manages to entertain. Nicole Kidman is the spunky heroine, and she and her laidback buddies have a nice chemistry. The film is attractively shot, with postcard-like images of Manly, which is an urban paradise. And the nonstop BMX stunts are pretty awesome too. During the credits, a message advises viewers: “The stunts in this film were performed by professional stunt riders. PLEASE DO NOT IMITATE.” This warning seems pointless considering BMX Bandits is nothing but an excuse to show cool young kids BMX biking like maniacs.

Director Brian Trenchard-Smith also directed the incredible Dead End Drive-In, and the less incredible Leprechaun 4: In Space.

Rating: 6/10 Shrunken Heads. Why does the fat kid eat in every scene, and why is he the butt of every joke? People should not stand for this.


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