Mechanical Violator Hakaider

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Mechanical Violator Hakaider – 1995 – Japan

In a post-apocalyptic future, a fortified dystopia called Jesus Town is ruled by the angel Girjev and his cyborg enforcer Mikhail. In the name of peace, Girjev oppresses his subjects until the cyborg anti-hero Hakaider storms wordlessly into town on a motorcycle brandishing a shotgun. Battles ensue with lots of wonderful pyrotechnics, gore, and motorcycle stunts.

Hakaider is a character from the 1972 Japanese Android Kikaider television series, which Mechanical Violator Hakaider is completely unrelated to. Mechanical Violator Hakaider offers little reason for Hakaider’s violent antics, and it is unlikely that watching Android Kikaider would help. The film should probably explain Hakaider’s crusade against Jesus Town, but it never bothers.

Although Mechanical Violator Hakaider is absurd, it is also compellingly weird and stylish. The costumes, sets, and props are detailed and unique. Hakaider and Mikhail are clad in elegantly streamlined cybernetic shells. The effeminate Girjev sports a single feathery wing. And Girjev’s storm troopers are menacing in bulbous armor with three glowing eyes. Likewise, the intricate sets of Jesus Town merge ruined wastelands and futuristically elegant architecture. Girjev’s throne room is especially cool. The white walls leak red plastic when damaged, appearing to bleed.

Mechanical Violator Hakaider is an example of style over substance, but the result is awesome. With little introspection, the result is a barrage of guns, bazookas, and fists. To a pulsing percussive soundtrack, cybernetic warriors mangle each other until everyone but Hakaider dies. Stick around for the stop motion finale featuring a lumbering monstrosity with buzz saws and pneumatic fists.

Rating: 8/10 Shrunken Heads. Hakaider’s shotgun is so powerful, another cyborg tries to use it and the recoil tears his arm off.


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