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Nightfall – 1995 – United States

After a vampire kills his partner, an FBI agent overcomes his skepticism and seeks revenge. He tracks the vampire from Seattle to Salt Lake City and kills him in a showdown.

Nightfall is an aptly generic title. The movie combines vampire horror and police procedure without any surprises. Seemingly important characters are killed off suddenly, but the writing and acting lacks the intensity to be shocking. Instead, the most unexpected instant is some excessive female nudity crammed haphazardly in the middle of the movie.

Nightfall’s most enjoyable moments involve its caricatured characters. There is a hardboiled FBI agent, his naïve young partner, and two wiseguy police detectives. Their interactions have compelling chemistry, but the numerous wacky supporting characters steal the show. The acting is not good, but the cast tries hard. While the movie is mostly dialogue, there are some effects shots. A rather pointless exploding car and an impressively gross melting vampire come to mind.

Nightfall does not deviate from standard vampire mythology and the vampire has no lines. Since the characters are also so unoriginal, the movie feels uninspired. At least it makes sense, and the embarrassingly cheap moments are uncommon.

Rating: 5/10 Shrunken Heads. Two characters are named Talbot and Vorhees. I wonder what other referential names I did not notice.


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