The Mini-Skirt Mob

February 22, 2014 at 4:01 am (6 Heads, Mini-Skirt Mob) (, , , , , )

The Mini-Skirt Mob – 1968 – United States

Rodeo star Jeff quits his biker gang and marries Connie, a mousy banker. The gang, led by Jeff’s jealous old flame Shayne, harasses the newlyweds. Pranks degenerate to violence and Jeff and Connie retaliate. There are fistfights and catfights. A motorcyclist rides off a cliff. A woman is incinerated by a Molotov cocktail while the camera lingers on her charred flesh.

The Mini-Skirt Mob’s psychological violence is also intense. Amid pervasive hostility and bloodshed, two love triangles fracture. Convincing acting creates impact, although the cast is too attractive to be believable bikers. Shayne alternates between coolly manipulative and bloodthirsty, and the scene where she vividly describes a snake devouring a rat is memorable. The always lovable Harry Dean Stanton (Alien, Escape From New York, Red Dawn, Repo Man) plays a yokel named Spook.

Mini-Skirt Mob demonstrates thrifty competence. The experienced cast and scenic Arizona locations enhance the production value. There is rousing rodeo footage and an upbeat theme song. Did you expect less from American International Pictures? Mini-Skirt Mob is one of many AIP biker films including Angels from Hell (1968), The Savage Seven (1968), Hell’s Belles (1969), Hell’s Angels ’69 (1969), Angel Unchained (1970), The Hard Ride (1971), and Chrome and Hot Leather (1971). Again, did you expect less from American International Pictures?

Rating: 6/10 Shrunken Heads. From Mini-Skirt Mob’s theme song: “Disregard their good looks. They’re just a bunch of dirty crooks, with skirts showing plenty of knee. That’s the Mini-Skirt Mob…on another spree!”


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