She Gods of Shark Reef

January 13, 2014 at 3:49 am (2 Heads, She Gods of Shark Reef) (, , , )

She Gods of Shark Reef – 1958 – United States

A criminal and his nice brother shipwreck on a tropical island. The island is populated by a tribe of foxy lady pearl divers and their old queen. Awaiting a boat from “The Company”, the brothers are stranded for a week. The nice brother falls in love with a girl, garnering the queen’s hostility. Meanwhile, the criminal brother salvages a boat and steals pearls. The brothers, with a willing island maiden, escape across Shark Reef. As the sharks attack, the criminal brother is devoured.

Roger Corman filmed She Gods of Shark Reef in Hawaii, back-to-back with Naked Paradise. Predictably, She Gods of Shark Reef seems poorly conceived and rushed, and its boring premise is full of holes. Why are there only babes on the island? Why does the nice brother tolerate his brother’s criminal behavior? Who is “The Company”? If She Gods of Shark Reef was more interesting, you might care about the answers.

In She Gods of Shark Reef’s only thrilling moment, maidens are sacrificed to the sharks.  The rest of the time is spent eating, dancing, and flirting in paradise. At least the sunny Hawaiian locations are picturesque, but this flick is pretty uninspired, even for Corman.

Rating: 2/10 Shrunken Heads. The theme song, Nearer My Love to You, is okay though.

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