The Unashamed

January 3, 2014 at 3:08 am (3 Heads, Unashamed, The) (, , )

The Unashamed – 1938 – United States

A hypochondriac workaholic businessman visits a nudist camp at his doctor’s recommendation. The businessman’s loving secretary follows and romance blooms. But when the businessman falls for another woman, his despondent secretary is driven to suicide.

Initially, The Unashamed recalls other nudist camp exploitation flicks. The cheerful nudists play sports, debate philosophy, and sing wacky songs with a sassy dummy. So when the themes of rejection and hopelessness manifest, they are quite shocking. The suicide finale certainly subverted my expectations.

The Unashamed is interesting for another reason. I suspect the two lead females are light skinned African Americans posing as Caucasians. The film’s dialogue substantiates this when a woman’s face is described as “like an Indian or something”, although the character’s Caucasian heritage is detailed unequivocally. I wonder about the producer’s reason for casting the two women. In any case, they are the most charismatic of the cast.

My interest is no reflection of The Unashamed’s quality. The film is ultimately a boring melodrama. The filmmaking technique is utilitarian, and repetition stretches twenty minutes of plot into an hour. And I did not learn anything about nudist culture either.

Rating: 3/10 Shrunken Heads. The widely available version of The Unashamed is black and white. Michael Weldon’s The Pscyhotronic Video Guide references a color version, but few details seem to exist. Is it real?

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