Ten Violent Women

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Ten Violent Women – 1982 – United States

“In the beginning…there were ten good girls.” So starts Ten Violent Women. As the eight (not ten) women mine gold, a nearly fatal dynamite accident occurs. The pissed off ladies decide to quit, to which their surly male demolitionist responds, “After three weeks with no pay, I’m getting something!” He tears off a woman’s shirt and the others beat him down.

Next, the women rob a jewelry store with squirt guns. Living it up in Vegas, one is caught selling cocaine in a Mexican nightclub and all the women are arrested. In prison, they are abused by the sadistic old lesbian warden and her redneck religious zealot assistant. Following an unimaginative and poorly explained escape plan, they join a sheik’s harem and flee the country. “So they sailed off into the sunset and lived happily ever after.”

Written, produced, and directed by Ted V. Mikels, Ten Violent Women demonstrates his haphazard mix of plucky humor, awkward exploitation, and genuine weirdness. Despite being painfully tacky, the flick is made entertaining by unpredictable plotting and flamboyant acting—Mikels himself plays a crime boss who is eventually impaled by a high heeled shoe. Combining elements of heist movies and women-in-prison movies, Ten Violent Women darts between ideas in an utterly disjointed way. Only the delightfully wacky intertitles (barely) tie the mess together.

But Ten Violent Women’s sense of fun is undermined by its disturbing moments as the women are beaten and sexually degraded by the prison warden. In a strange torture scene, a bucket is placed over a woman’s head and banged loudly with a club. In another, the warden makes humiliating innuendos to a bound prisoner as her assistant chants biblical verses. What is really unsettling is that justice is never served to the sadistic torturers. The imprisoned women escape without pausing for poetic revenge.

Ten Violent Women is crappy even for Mikels, and it is telling that it was not released until five years after its completion. But depending on your dedication to Mikels, its shortcomings may seem lovable. Judging from the director’s glib commentary on the Alpha Video DVD release, it was probably fun to make if nothing else.

Rating: 5/10 Shrunken Heads. According the credits, Filthy McNasty provided a limo for the shoot. Just who is this dirty man?

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