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Superchick – 1973 – United States

Tara B. True is a prudish stewardess for Crown International Airlines. Removing her brunette wig, she morphs into a sassy independent blonde with a different boyfriend in every city. In New York, she loves a bear-like brain surgeon whose germaphobia prevents physical intimacy. They dine in a bath atop a polar bear rug, listen to jazz music and moan orgasmically, and play blackjack in bed with giant novelty cards. In Miami, she loves a beach bum playboy. Overcome by gambling debts, he sells her out to mobsters. In Los Angeles, she loves an insecure rock idol. Together they compose a masterpiece called Filthy Funk in F by screwing inside a piano. Other kinky characters include a studly African-American hippie, John Carradine as a geriatric sadist with a torture dungeon, and a porno producer making a nudie war film called “Boobs Away”. Every dude wants to marry her, but Tara’s free spirit refuses to be tied down. She needs to live life to the funnest.  Between balling everybody, she tokes up at groovy parties, beats up a biker gang, and becomes a karate master.

Superchick is utterly ridiculous, but never boring. The wild characters and situations are nonstop. Meanwhile, the viewer struggles to determine to what portion Tara’s antics are cool, sexy, or ridiculous. I suspect some women might find Tara’s unfettered outlook empowering. This is understandable, especially when her jazzy theme music swells triumphantly. Tara B. True comfortably embodies the mythic archetype of super-chick.

Rating: 7/10 Shrunken Heads. Dig Crown International Airline’s ludicrous luxury plane, with numerous floors of sprawling lounges and bathrooms. Then again, where else could a super-chick-stewardess call home?


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