Trucker’s Woman

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Trucker’s Woman – 1975 – United States

Trucker’s Woman was directed by William Zens, also responsible for The Starfighters (1964) and Hot Summer in Barefoot Country (1974). Trucker’s Woman (along with Hot Summer in Barefoot Country) was once distributed by Troma Entertainment. Now it’s available on CFS Releasing’s Convoy Collection DVD, with other dumb trucker flicks.

Mike Kelly is a brawling, gun-shooting womanizer who (allegedly) drops out of college to drive big rigs after his trucker dad’s mysterious death. Apparently, his dad was murdered by mobsters. As Mike Kelly investigates, the mobsters frame him by planting stolen goods on his truck. To clear his name, Mike Kelly is supposed to work as a police informer. Instead, he sleeps with (some might say “rapes”) the mob boss’s loud-mouthed daughter and fistfights people.

Trucker’s Woman is boring and unimaginative. The characters are irritating and unlikable, the production value is non-existent, the brawls are clumsy, the dialogue is awkward, and the overlong driving scenes are exhausting. At least there’s some nudity, tough-guy posturing, and country music—if that’s your flavor.

Made in South Carolina, Trucker’s Woman is a regional cheapie, likely for trucker audiences.  Troma’s typically ludicrous box art (below) is especially necessary considering Trucker’s Woman is mostly uninteresting on its own merits.

Rating: 3/10 Shrunken Heads. Trucker’s Woman’s villains are all fat. Overweight folks shouldn’t stand for this crap.



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