Pin-Down Girl

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Pin-Down Girl – 1951 – United States

Pin-Down Girl (a.k.a. Racket Girls) was produced by George Weiss, also responsible for Ed Wood’s infamous Glen or Glenda (1953). Actor Timothy Farrell appears in Pin-Down Girl, Glen or Glenda plus the Ed Wood-directed Jail Bait (1954). It’s a damn shame Wood didn’t help with Pin-Down Girl. His spunky quirkiness would’ve worked miracles for this mess.

Peaches Page plays herself as a big-breasted wrestler woman in love with a crooked promoter. She and other brawling babes (including World Champion Clara Mortensen, Champion of Mexico Rita Martinez, Leopard Lady, and Panther Woman) sexily jog, jump rope, and throw down in overlong wrestling matches. Meanwhile, the promoter double-crosses crime lord Mr. Big, culminating in a car chase and unexpectedly gory shootout. There’s even a blood-spurting gunshot to the head.

Pin-Down Girl is first-class sleaze. The camera lingers unsubtly on lady’s breasts, legs, and asses as they endlessly workout and wrestle. In fact, the titillating possibilities of women squeezing and humping constitutes Pin-Down Girl’s entire content. The plot’s crime elements are carelessly grafted on, but at least the dirty promoter is amusingly scummy as he scores with all the wrestlers. And in a surprising scene, he convinces a pill-addicted girl to turn tricks.

Despite this, Pin-Down Girl is mostly boring. The flick would be too talky if it weren’t for the numerous tedious wrestling bouts. It’s intriguing that the barriers to entry were once low enough for crap like this to be shown in theaters. I shed a tear over the lost era of independently operated cinemas.

Rating: 3/10 Shrunken Heads. Watch and learn why wrestling is a sport.


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