The Cape Canaveral Monsters

June 18, 2012 at 2:00 am (5 Heads, Cape Canaveral Monsters) (, , , , , )

The Cape Canaveral Monsters – 1960 – United States

The Cape Canaveral Monsters was written and directed by Phil Tucker, whose few credits include producer/director of the infamous Robot Monster (1953). This is unsurprising considering Cape Canaveral Monsters’ astounding cheapness.

Alien light orbs named Hauron and Nadja harass some motorists and cause an accident. They possess the motorists’ mutilated corpses and build a secret cave base from which to communicate with their evil overlord. The aliens use invisible ray technology to sabotage NASA rocket experiments and kidnap earthlings (“especially females”) as part of a grand invasion scheme. Earth’s saviors are two young rocket technicians who flirt constantly with each other while thwarting the aliens with scientific ingenuity. They somehow use a radium watch dial to cancel the aliens’ rays, and later combine table salt with a plastic wallet liner to detonate a tank of hydrogen. Better than that, they plot in Pig Latin so the aliens can’t eavesdrop.

As you can imagine, Cape Canaveral Monsters is ludicrous. For instance, one of the aliens has his arm torn off in a car crash. The other grabs the severed limb and nonchalantly remarks “I’ll sew it back on at the laboratory.” This never happens since the aliens waste too much time bickering like an old married couple, so one alien runs around with no arm for the whole flick. The human characters are only slightly less outlandish. The nerdy lovebird heroes go picnicking with their friends and request “sodium chloride” for their fries. There’s also a mean German scientist with the fakest accent imaginable.

While it’s stupid and cheap, Cape Canaveral Monsters is still occasionally fun to watch. The plot and premise are absurd enough to be unpredictable. Plus, there’s great stock footage of exploding rockets. If you’ve watched any of these 50s and 60s sci-fi creature features, you know what to expect. For better or worse, Cape Canaveral Monsters doesn’t disappoint.

Rating: 5/10 Shrunken Heads. A Robot Monster cameo could’ve raised this to 6 Heads.

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