Young and Wild

June 6, 2012 at 2:40 am (5 Heads, Young and Wild) (, , , )

Young and Wild – 1958 – United States

Republic Pictures released Young and Wild on a double bill with Juvenile Jungle, both directed by William Witney and presented “in Naturama”—whatever that means. Juvenile delinquents steal a car, mug a dude, molest a girl, and run over an old lady. Squeaky clean teenage lovebirds work with a tough police sergeant to bring the thugs to justice. The flick climaxes in a taut hostage situation.

Young and Wild is mostly unremarkable. It’s competently but cheaply produced. The uncomplicated plot isn’t lacking in mayhem and violence, including a rousing car chase and lots of fisticuffs. Some of the characters are magnetic too. The teenage couple is boring and irritating, but the police sergeant is an intense badass who hates juvenile delinquents, even resorting to entrapment. Equally energetic is the hoodlum boss, a charming conniver full of passion and brutality.

Interestingly, Young and Wild spends considerable time detailing police procedure and investigation techniques. Cops are often stooges in juvenile delinquent flicks, however Young and Wild is presented from a police prospective, removing some of the genre’s typical cynicism. Young and Wild is conservative, but its simple thrills are enjoyable.

Rating: 5/10 Shrunken Heads. As of this writing, the Young and Wild movie poster on IMDB appears to actually be from a Girls Gone Wild knockoff. “Teenage Turn-Ons — They’re… Young & Wild”.


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