The Falling

December 26, 2011 at 1:18 am (4 Heads, Falling, The) (, , , )

The Falling – 1987 – United States/Spain

The Falling came out theatrically as Alien Predator/Alien Predators—an obvious cash-in on Aliens (1986) and Predator (1987). That tells all you need to know about this haphazard cheapie.

Apparently, NASA’s 1979 Skylab reentry dropped killer alien microbes on an isolated Spanish village. Three American kids touring in an RV are stranded in said village. Meanwhile, locals spit blood and go bananas as bony spider aliens burst from their heads. With help from a good guy scientist, the kids escape just before the village is napalmed to oblivion by the U.S. military.

The Falling doesn’t really add up. The overly simple plot still manages to be amazingly short on logic. Strange and gross things happen just for the hell of it. A dog chewing on a bull carcass is somehow yanked inside it and eaten. A creepy rude waitress leaves the table and returns with a radical huge orange Afro. A top secret NASA base 60-second self-destructs in an atomic fireball without provocation. A semi truck goes on a murderous rampage. And then there’s the requisite fake out ending. The script is essentially a collage of distilled things-that-should-be-cool. The result is ridiculous, but boring due to lack of intent.

The characters don’t take this mess seriously either. There’s a minimum of screams and sobs as the kids flirt with each other and crack wise about the horrific happenings. Their clowning is the flick’s most likable asset. In fact, the cast would be better in a zappy teen comedy.

The Falling isn’t awful, but it’s derivative and dumb. There’s little reason to see it over the numerous flicks like it. The premise is promising: Chummy kids travel scenic Spain in an RV while aliens attack. Unfortunately, The Falling is too cheap, hasty, and thoughtless.

Rating: 4/10 Shrunken Heads. Someone please explain the scene where the mug of beer is thrown from the shadows at the kids’ RV. What the hell.


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