Wrestling Women vs. the Aztec Mummy

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Wrestling Women vs. the Aztec Mummy – 1964 – Mexico

While I find them talky and slow, I dig how 50s and 60s Mexican movies carelessly mash up disparate elements to form a ludicrous plot-pourri. Like its forerunners Doctor of Doom (featuring Gloria Venus and Golden Rubi) and The Aztec Mummy (featuring the Aztec Mummy), Wrestling Women vs. the Aztec Mummy haphazardly mixes horror, sci-fi, crime, and wrestling while never looking back.

The oriental Black Dragon gang (played by Mexicans) spies with impossibly high-tech gadgets and plots to steal Aztec treasure—similar to super-criminal The Bat in The Aztec Mummy. Thankfully Gloria Venus (now called Loretta), Golden Rubi, and their wimpy boyfriends are on the case, which can only escalate into a wrestling royal rumble—against twin lady “judo” warriors, no less. After a long hour of chatting and wrestling, the titular mummy finally shows. The original historically hokey but endearing mummy’s curse is dutifully explained, but this mummy incarnation is enhanced by ghoulish bug-eyed makeup and the ability to morph into a bat and spider. In a too-brief scene, the mummy massacres all the Black Dragons. In light of this, Gloria Venus and Golden Rubi don’t wrestle the mummy (seriously anti-climactic) and instead collapse a pyramid on him, sealing him away…forever? Nope.

In a threadbare style similar to 30s and 40s serials, Women vs. Mummy contains much standing around shabby interior sets and talking. The compositions are static and the light alternates between flat and bright or (recalling The Aztec Mummy) murky and dark. Sadly, as the offspring of two good movies, Women vs. Mummy captures neither Doctor of Doom’s vivacious energy nor The Aztec Mummy’s sublime eeriness. Like the era’s worst Mexican horror, it’s creaky and boring without the panache to makes its craziness interesting.

Maybe Women vs. Mummy isn’t that bad, but it never exceeds the sum of its parts. While these Mexican movies are too strange to ever be completely worthless, Women vs. Mummy does nothing that wasn’t done with more liveliness in the prequels—disappointing because Wrestling Women vs. the Aztec Mummy is a title promising absurd thrills. Diehard Mexican horror fans will see it regardless, but those with only a tourist’s interest in the subject matter could do better.

Rating: 5/10 Shrunken Heads. If I didn’t love Mexican movies, this would get a 4.


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