Doctor of Doom

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Doctor of Doom – 1963 – Mexico

Something Weird Video’s catalog of strange foreign films is heartwarming. The Curious Dr. Humpp (Argentina, 1969) is transcendent and I’ve loved Something Weird since, especially the always-interesting DVD extras (a personal favorite: George McKelvey’s “My Teenage Fallout Queen” Scopitone). With great pleasure I sat down to Doctor of Doom, a rock ‘em sock ‘em wrestler babe flick like only Mexico would dare.

As credits roll, wrestler women shoulder-throw each other. Don’t get excited—you’ll see this a hundred more times in the next hour. In an evil lab elsewhere, a nefarious brain transplant ends in failure. You see, the brain’s “IQ is too low”. A mad scientist (mask-clad like many Mexican villains) and his gorilla-man crony murder a cute lab technician girl. Too bad for the scientist, the girl’s sister is Gloria Venus, a badass wrestler. Gloria and her “American” pal Golden Rubi swear vengeance. With their boyfriends (a police detective and his diminutive comedy sidekick), the fighting femmes wreck the scientist’s lab and shoulder-throw his stooges. As the lab inexplicably catches fire, Gloria Venus throws acid on the scientist’s face and leaves him to die. Yeah right. Disfigured and enraged, the scientist puts a gorilla-brain in another wrestler girl, hypnotizing her and giving super strength in the deal. In the inescapable climax, Gloria Venus and Vendetta, the evil masked wrestler, shoulder-throw each other around the squared circle.

Despite a brain-dead plot, utilitarian direction, chintzy sets, and zero special effects, Doctor of Doom is plenty of fun with no shortage of chuckle-worthy dialogue and acrobatic wrestle-battles. In one scene, a wrestler man steals a barbell from the wrestler women’s gym and a posse of ladies shoulder-throws and dog-piles on him. In another, evil Vendetta body slams the ref during a match. The amusing anecdotes are endless: A stocky tough broad fights five wrestlers blindfolded as training. Golden Rubi calls her short boyfriend “my small hero”. And then there’s the requisite (totally obvious) “twist” ending.

Like many vodou-quality Mexican flicks from the era (especially with wrestlers), Doctor of Doom is dumb and crazy but its energy and sense of fun are irrepressible. Only a madman, visionary, or child could have first fathomed mixing wrestling and horror-hokum in such a way. Next on the DVD, Gloria Venus returns in Wrestling Women vs. the Aztec Mummy. I cannot wait!

Rating: 6/10 Shrunken Heads. This is why wrestling is an Olympic sport.

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