Black Candles (Los Ritos Sexuales del Diablo)

March 31, 2011 at 2:32 am (3 Heads, Black Candles) (, , , , )

Black Candles – 1982 – Spain

Call it Rosemary’s Baby: The Porno. Black Candles is by Spaniard Jose Ramon Larraz (slightly) known for Vampyres—tales of the lesbian undead. Black Candles (from Spanish: Sex Rites of the Devil) is similarly trashy and worthless. It’s a feat to make kinky murder-sex this boring.

A sex scene begins in less than a minute, soon interrupted by voodoo murder. Roll the lazy freeze-frame title sequence. Cut to a woman and her boyfriend visiting the woman’s sister-in-law’s country manor. The woman’s brother disappears and she suspects Sister-In-Law, a mystery that is immediately solved as Sister-In-Law shows her visitors her satanic lithograph collection and soon admits to hating her former husband. With that settled, everyone hits the sack. The woman and her boyfriend screw while always-creepy Sister-In-Law peeps and masturbates. Following, the woman dreams she is being chased through the woods in cute lingerie and then balls her brother.

The “plot” “develops” ten minutes at a time between increasingly kinky and violent sex. Witness lesbians, priests, old women, anal rape, and anal rape with a sword. In a particularly inspired moment, a girl jerks off a goat and is screwed by it. Meanwhile, Sister-In-Law’s satanic coven seduces the woman’s boyfriend and then the woman herself, culminating in a ritualistic orgy after which the whole mess is revealed to be a prophetic dream.

Black Candles isn’t my flavor. I appreciate the subversiveness of all extreme exploitation, but this flick is artless. Testament to this: half the running time is sex. Not that sex can’t be artful, but it never is, especially in this caliber of trash. Beyond the pornographic tedium, there’s no drama, style, or atmosphere. The story unfolds predictably without the surrealistic horror necessary to ignite this sort of supernatural material. Only one eerie scene comes to mind: The woman descends into Sister-In-Law’s ritual chamber passing clusters of mounted goat heads. Chilling!

You might dig Black Candles’ graphic sex or laugh at the bad dubbing and hilariously awkward profanity, but there is little else to draw you in. There are sexier/raunchier cult flicks by the dozen so even fans of freakish gore-porn needn’t bother.

Rating: 3/10 Shrunken Heads. Lacks schlock and shocks, but not cocks.

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