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Policewomen – 1974 – United States

Policewomen is yet another exploitationer about feisty gals empowered to beat up men but who still need tender loving. Drive-in/grindhouse audiences cream over this, evidenced by endless biker babes (She-Devils on Wheels, The Hellcats), female felons (Chain Gang Women, 10 Violent Women), and mercenary mommas (Hustler Squad, The Muthers). Crown International Pictures are virtuosos of this genre and Policewomen is no exception.

Beautiful and hard lady cop Lacy Bond is harassed and underestimated by her sleazy male bosses. After she stops a brilliantly exciting prison breakout (complete with a rappelling sequence) by savagely kickboxing a dozen people, she is finally given a proper assignment: infiltrate an all-girl smuggling gang run by 70 year old Maude and her young pro wrestler-like hubby. Lacy shoots guns, chases cars, karate chops, and makes love, all with heels, lipstick, manicured nails, and nipples jutting through her shirt.

As expected, Policewomen is dumb. Lacy constantly delivers awkward hard-edged tough talk while sassily disgracing her male coworkers. The men (including the chump she falls for) are one dimensionally sexist. Similarly ridiculous is the multi-ethnic gang of gal criminals who have catfights, utter racial slurs, and live in a resort commune with no men aside from Maude’s bodybuilder husband who refers to them constantly as “cunts”. Insert numerous clumsy karate fights, stupid illogical twists, and out of place T&A. Basically, Policewomen is over-typical exploitation trash.

That said—it’s entertaining. The characters are ludicrous and extreme (the foul-mouthed old Maude, a foxy afro-headed broad who wears a “black pride” shirt), and some of you likely get off on hard-as-nails dames. Other than the cringe-worthy acting/writing, Policewomen is competently made too. The realistically drab locations are emphasized by handheld camerawork with cluttered claustrophobic compositions. The funky/jazzy/rocky soundtrack is also appropriately punchy.

But ultimately, Policewomen is one of those genre flicks that’s too comfortable. Its worn formulas are used with ignorant enthusiasm, walking the line between enjoyable and boring.  If you like this garbage (why else would you be here?), and are in a loving mood, then Policewomen is mindless fun, but you’ll be lucky to remember it.

Rating: 5/10 Shrunken Heads. Police-chicks are a popular fetish. Personal enjoyment may vary.


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